Radar Technologies and Sensor Applications

Messfahrzeug REDAR des Fraunhofer ITWM
© Fraunhofer ITWM
Measuring vehicle REDAR

Radar technologies are a key for many driver assistance functions and especially for autonomous driving. Together with ultrasonic technologies and camera-based processes that use visible light or infrared radiation, radar sensors provide environmental information for automated driving functions. Compared to cameras, the radar is robust under poor visibility conditions. However, the sensors are not only important for the detection of the environment. They can also be used in the interior to detect critical driver conditions and monitor the interior situation for safety and comfort functions and to provide services.

Modern ADAS and AD systems require high-precision map data and highly accurate georeferenced 3D environmental models that serve as ground truth for the development and testing of assistance and automation systems.

In order to capture 3D environmental data as a basis for realistic simulations, a measurement vehicle with state-of-the-art laser measurement technology was set up at Fraunhofer ITWM. This multisensor measuring system REDAR (Road and Environment Data Acquisition Rover) consists of the following main components:

  • Inertial system with DGPS and distance sensor
  • 2 laser scanners
  • 6 high-resolution cameras

The data collected with REDAR forms the basis for the VMC® Road and Scene Generator.


  • Equipping vehicles with sensors, especially cameras, radars and evaluation technology
  • Development and qualification of specialized 24-GHz and 77-GHz radar sensors
  • Antenna development for the automotive industry, automotive radars based on LTCC technology
  • Investigation and characterization of materials (e.g. bumpers, plastic parts on the vehicle) with regard to their electromagnetic properties
  • Simulation of radar signatures in software-in-the-loop as well as in hardware-in-the-loop applications
  • Digitization of real test tracks for (multi-body) simulations,
  • Recording of real environment for virtual 3D landscape and city models, especially for use in interactive driving simulators (e.g. in RODOS©)
  • Creation of virtual scenarios from map data and 3D laser scans (e.g. in OpenDrive format) with the VMC® Road and Scene Generator


Project examples

ATRIUM [Fraunhofer FHR (German)]
Automotive Test Environment for Radar In-the-loop Investigations and Measurements

Antenna developments for the automotive industry [Fraunhofer FHR]

REDAR - Road and Environment Data Acquisition Rover [Fraunhofer ITWM]
Measuring vehicle with state-of-the-art laser measurement technology for the generation of 3D environmental data

VMC® Road and Scene Generator [Fraunhofer ITWM]
Concept for statistical analysis of geo-referenced data