Person drückt Knöpfe auf einem Autoradio
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What makes a good sound? How can speech intelligibility be evaluated? The technical transmission of acoustic signals such as speech is often superimposed by background noises and reverberation, for example at station announcements, mobile phones or in the car. Individual pre-sets and simple intelligent setting options are particularly important because everyone hears differently and well. We offer an improvement in speech intelligibility and sound comfort, taking into account the individual preferences and needs of the user.

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  • Development and testing of algorithms to improve speech quality and intelligibility for telephony and entertainment
  • Automatic adaptation of voice and media reproduction to driving situations and ambient noises
  • Testing and optimization of single and multi-channel microphone solutions for recording interior noise
  • Acoustic localization in the interior
  • Voice recognition and voice control in and around the car
  • Acoustic event detection in and around the car
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Modified roof fin for testing sensors for the acoustic detection of exterior noise on a vehicle (front and side view).

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