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Training & Education

Training & Education

As the company's most important capital, highly qualified specialists and managers are the requirement for an optimal position in an international competition. Even those who want to actively counter the increasing shortage of professionals/qualified employees cannot avoid strategic personnel development planning with renowned specialist providers for in-service training.

The training »Made by Fraunhofer« translates the requirements of the industry for modern production processes into practical training courses.

1. Technical Qualification in Electro Mobility

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Electro Mobility is a central key to the sustainable transformation of mobility, as it is climate- and environmentally friendly, resource-saving and efficient. The electric mobility system does not only include the electric vehicle yet, but many other components. In addition, well-trained specialists are another key factor for the successful introduction of Electro Mobility in order to drive innovation and ensure the high quality of vehicles. These specialists must be enabled not only to electrify the drive system of a motor vehicle, but also to rethink the vehicle concept, taking the entire vehicle life cycle into account. Therefore, electric Mobility poses new challenges, which are not covered by the traditional training and qualification offers. The further training courses, which are offered by Fraunhofer specialists, respond to this challenge in the training of new skilled workers and the timely development of the necessary skills:


  • Basic seminar on Electro Mobility
  • Expert person electric mobility, 2 days with TÜV certificate
  • Electro Mobility certificate course
  • Various specialist seminars on topics such as
    • Electric drives
    • Infrastructure and networks
    • Battery ageing and next generation batteries
    • Lightweight construction


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2. Further Education in the Field of Automotive Production Technologies and Materials

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Automotive engineering is still one of the key technologies in Germany. Among other things, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and innovative materials have always guaranteed a leading position in international automotive engineering. Industrial bonding technology is a good example of such a key technology. Companies benefit from the Fraunhofer IFAM's educational offer in the field of bonding technology, with its holistic further education concept, which provides for the »knowledge generators« as »knowledge mediators«.

Modern lightweight construction is no longer imaginable without the use of composite materials. Not only companies from the automotive industry profit from the expertise of Fraunhofer employees in a comprehensive range of courses on how to deal with this class of materials.

The current training courses offered by the Fraunhofer Institute for Non-Destructive Testing IZFP and the Automotive Quality Saar AQS innovation cluster deal with the subject of quality assurance throughout the entire product life cycle, from material to assembly in use. It is directed towards plant operators, machine operators as well as line and quality managers in the automotive supplier industry and is offered in modular form in collaboration with renowned partners in technical further training.


  • Further training in the field of bonding technology
    • Adhesive practitioner (EAB)
    • Adhesive strength (EAS)
    • Bonding engineer (EAE)
  • Further training in the field of fibre composite technology
    • Composite plastic manufacturer (FVK-H)
    • Fiber composite plastic repairer (FVK-I)
    • Composite plastics specialist (FVK-F)
    • Composite Engineer (CE)
  • Master's program (part-time) Automotive Production Engineering

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3. Further Training Seminars in Vehicle Development

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Practical applied research and method development requires a constant exchange with the world of industrial applications. This involves the transfer of know-how from the institute to industry, the communication of new processes and methods within the application context as well as the necessary calibration of the new methods upon their real benefit.

Of course, this also happens within the scope of our projects. In addition, however, we have decided to create an even broader and more open instrument beyond seminars for engineers in industry. We work on the interdisciplinary topics in which we are active in research and application, communicate the relevant basics and explain the current technical limits.

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Statistical methods play a central role in the design and evaluation of mechanically stressed components with regard to their fatigue strength/reliability.


The Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM offers the following seminars periodically:

  • Further training in the field of »Load data analysis, design and simulation«:
    • Basics of load data analysis and operational stability
    • Data reduction in the time and amplitude range
    • Method of analysis in the frequency domain
    • What loads must be designed for?
    • Design bases and load data synthesis
    • Basics of multi-body simulation (MBS)
    • Shortening and simplification of field trials
    • Use of vehicle-independent data – VMC
  • Further / advanced training in the field of »Statistical Methods in Industrial Strength«.
    • How to model different types of use and customer demands?
    • Which influencing variables are important, which may be redundant?
    • How can they be translated into test tracks or test programs?
    • Which failure (un)probabilities do you have to prove and how?