Grüner Start-Knopf; Symbolbild für Elektromobilität
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Man pushing green car button. Concept of e-mobility. Composite image between a hand photography and a 3D background.

Electro Mobility

Electro Mobility

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Electro Mobility is certainly one of the greatest challenges facing Germany as an automotive location at the moment. It is a declared political agenda to develop Germany into a lead supplier and lead market in the field of Electro Mobility, and the resulting opportunities are enormous.

With its high innovative strength, the automotive industry is ideally equipped to meet this challenge. The specialists at the Fraunhofer Institutes contribute their expertise within the framework of bilateral industrial projects or publicly funded joint projects in order to shape the era of Electro Mobility together with the German automotive industry and its suppliers.

1. Electric & Hybrid Drives

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Electric Drives offer considerable potential for saving fuel and reducing emissions, especially in urban traffic. In order to ensure the successful use of these systems in future generations of vehicles, they must be functionally designed and optimally configured.


  • Design and development of compact electric drives with high torque and power density
  • Hardware and software development for control units, e.g. for optimum efficiency drive control and vehicle control
  • Development of new manufacturing processes for electric drives, e.g. cast coils
  • Construction and testing of prototypes and functional samples, e.g. wheel hub drives
  • Basic design/Preselection of hybrid components
  • Development of structural proposals and operating strategies
  • Simulation under consideration of driving cycles and distance profiles
  • Creation of special simulation tools based on MATLAB/SIMULINK
  • Execution of installation investigations and development of integration proposals
  • Design of periphery and cooling system incl. highly integrated thermal management of the battery system
  • Mechanical and electrical integration of energy storage systems into existing vehicles
  • Reliability evaluations of the electric drive train
  • Performance of function tests
  • Business and economic impact assessment
  • Development of Electro Mobility strategies for companies
  • Development of charging infrastructures


Project examples