Reliability & Durability and Verifying & Testing

The validation and verification of properties and functions continue to be of particular importance in the context of product development. On the one hand, the verification of desired properties and functions is usually associated with a high cost factor. On the other hand, statements about the final component or product properties must be made as early as possible in the product development process. The former requires new, partly hybrid approaches that combine experimental and numerical methods and thus reduce complexity and test times. For the latter, it is particularly important to validate the simulative development environment used and its underlying models. Both aspects require the provision of a comprehensive test environment as well as the further development of methodological approaches for the validation and verification of complex properties and functions.

Fraunhofer Automotive bundles the necessary competencies both for the validation and verification of all properties and functions required in the automobile along the known V-model and over the utilization phase as well as for the development of new methods and approaches with regard to future vehicle concepts such as highly automated driving.

Test Methods

Test Infrastructure


Checking and Testing


Analysis and Demonstration of Reliability and Durability


Intelligent ears for automated and contactless production control