Active Systems and Function Integration

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As a result of active structure technology and the integration of structure-compliant sensor and actuator functions, system complexity increases with the functionality of the structures.

The Institutes from Fraunhofer Gesellschaft have all the skills associated with active structure development and its evaluation. This ranges from functional materials, structural mechanics, mechatronics, mechanical engineering, production engineering, simulation of components and systems, information technology, control and electrical engineering, testing technology to operational stability and system reliability.


  • Integration of sensory and/or actuator components
  • Operating load recording, system identification and modelling
  • Stress analysis
  • Simulation of the dynamic behavior of complex systems and early feasibility assessment
  • Design, construction, implementation of active structural solutions
  • Controller development and functional demonstration
  • Method development for the investigation of the reliability of active structural systems
  • Functional verification under operating loads


Project examples

Hyb-Man [project page]
EU project with participation of Fraunhofer IFAM for the production of intelligent components by additive manufacturing technologies

Go Beyond 4.0 [project page]
Fraunhofer Lighthouse Project with participation of Fraunhofer IFAM for the production of intelligent components in digital printing and laser processes

HeatCNT [Fraunhofer IFAM (German)]
EU-funded joint project with participation of Fraunhofer IFAM on novel heat exchangers based on metal/CNT composite materials

Active engine mounts for automotive and non-automotive applications [Fraunhofer LBF (German)]