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This theme which mainly deals with the so-called airframe is subdivided into

  • Materials Technology and Mechanical Engineering
  • Aircraft physics
  • Safety and Security of the airframe and payload
  • Eco and societal requirements addressing life cycle, MRO themes and pollution
  • Engine-MRO


ATM and organization, transport Intermodality Onboard systems supported in the areas

  • Hardware testing for ATA equipment including avionics, procedures and standards around these elements
  • Power and dynamics
  • Aircraft energy, fuels and onboard consumables
  • Simplification and the verification of system architectures


The comfort and well being of the passenger and of course the crew are prioritized in this unit.

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  • Psychophysical measurements under realistic cabin environment conditions (noise, light, thermal comfort, air quality, low pressure)
  • Realistic full scale ground validations
  • Fraunhofer Flight Test Facility FTF brings the cabin to full operational envelope using an Airbus A310, for instance low pressures just above 150hPa inside a 30m low pressure chamber

Regulation & Policy

  • Innovation in aviation
    • Processes of innovation in the aviation sector, pathways for new technologies
  • Climate Policy
    • Policies to enable growth in activity while reducing emissions
  • Economic analysis of the aviation industry
    • Microeconomic analysis of the impact of regulation and policy on aviation growth and emissions
    • Macroeconomic analysis of the contribution of the aviation sector to national economies
  • Noise
    • Evaluation of noise regulation for airports
    • Evaluation of noise from aviation activity
  • Greenhouse gas and local air emissions
    • Assessment of aviation emissions and contribution to climate change
    • Scenario analysis of future developments
  • Demand for Aviation
    • Analysis of factors driving the demand for aviation freight and passenger services
    • Scenario analysis

Airport Logistics and Air Cargo

  • Aircraft operation on ground
    • Data recording and statistical analysis for accuracy control of landing, taxiwaying and parking
  • Groundhandling
    • Simulation of the total ground transportation and handling processes on airports, capacity assessment, optimization of ground time
  • Cargo network
    • Market analysis, hub and network design, control of feeder and distribution services
  • Cargo handling
    • Analysis of demand, specification of requirements, process mapping, site and facility planning, monitoring of implementation
  • Security
    • Improvement, coupling and integration of security checks as necessary part of handling processes