Checking and Testing

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vehicle acoustics test stand for NVH and exterior noise

Testing covers a wide range of product development tasks along the entire V-model. The main focus is on the verification of properties and functions that are necessary for a defined or required product quality. This includes

  • Complete characterization of materials (geometric, mechanical, thermal, acoustic, chemical, biological, ...) depending on the manufacturing process and use to derive input data for product design,
  • Analysis of component, assembly and vehicle properties such as (evaporation) emissions and crash and NVH behavior or comfort properties such as acoustics, interior climate and interior air quality,
  • Proof of functions whereby increasingly cyber-physical systems and IT-supported functions must be considered.

Testing includes mechanical components as well as electronics and software.


  • Determination of material characteristics under all relevant environmental influences
  • Evaluation of manufacturing influences on component and product properties
  • Non-destructive and destructive testing of mechanical and electromechanical components within the scope of quality tests and approval procedures
  • Analysis of product and system properties such as comfort, noise and emission behavior
  • Development of test methods and stands for e.g. component testing, X-the-Loop approaches or virtual testing
  • Geo-referenced analysis and virtual measurement campaign for planning and evaluation of measurement campaigns
  • Estimation of load and consumption distributions and derivation of design targets for the virtual product development process


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