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New vehicle concepts in the automotive industry focus on the sound experience of the interior. Fraunhofer offers various solutions for new types of entertainment and improved communication systems. For example, our experts develop solutions for improving and individually adapting the playback quality for speech and music in the vehicle and develop 3D sound solutions that provide a room-filling sound experience in the interior of vehicles. What makes for good sound? How can speech intelligibility in the vehicle be evaluated and improved? The intelligent solutions offer automotive manufacturers and suppliers an improvement in speech intelligibility and sound comfort, taking into account individual preferences and needs. Individual and better hearing is defined according to different sound parameters depending on the application.

Speech from navigation systems, telephony or the radio program is often overshadowed by background noise in the car. The software solutions developed are able to automatically measure and display intelligibility and optimize it in real time. For music or audio books, users can adjust the individually perceived sound quality with the help of the "YourSound" process and thus improve comfort without unnecessary safety risks. This is because the user interface is intuitive and easy to operate, and the Fraunhofer algorithms automatically adapt to the situation and improve the listening experience. Transforming the car into a cozy jazz club or a large concert hall at the touch of a button - that's what SpatialSound Wave technology developed at Fraunhofer IDMT offers. A room-filling sound experience of impressive clarity and intensity is created on every seat. Individual audio objects, such as a voice or a sound, can be precisely perceived in terms of their position and distance in the room, giving the listener a sense of spatiality and depth. And thanks to the innovative room simulation, the sound characteristics of different rooms are impressively imitated.


  • Development and testing of algorithms to improve speech quality and intelligibility for telephony and entertainment
  • Automatic adaptation of speech intelligibility during media playback to driving situations and ambient noise
  • Individual sound adaptation to driving situations, ambient noise and the listening preferences of the user
  • Fewer operating errors thanks to intuitive user interfaces
  • Speech and speaker recognition and voice control in and outside the vehicle
  • Embedding intelligent signal processing algorithms in different systems as well as in mobile applications (apps)
  • Algorithms and systems for spatial sound reproduction
  • Implementation and optimization of sound reproduction methods in real-time capable hardware systems
  • Product design and development for OEM customers


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