Human-in-the-Loop Driving Simulation

Fahrsimulator RODOS® am Fraunhofer ITWM im Einsatz
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RODOS® Driving Simulator

Driving simulators outside the real traffic situation with the human in the control loop are used for training purposes, in driving research and in vehicle development. The latter is also due to the fact that, for many applications, human cognition and behavior cannot be represented by a digital model. Driving simulation in virtual reality already provides a product experience in early development phases of vehicles and vehicle systems and clarifies questions of acceptance, usability and user experience.

In addition, driving simulators with real drivers and virtual road traffic allow controlled investigation conditions for empirical studies and statistically secured R&D results. They allow the investigation of high-risk situations, risk groups of drivers and passengers and rare driving situations. And they enable efficient tests under standardized conditions and traffic situations.


  • Simulation of high-risk traffic situations
  • Hybrid simulation with hardware, software and human in the control loop
  • Empirical research into driving behavior under controlled simulated conditions
  • Empirical studies on the vehicle as »third« living environmen
  • Investigation of symptoms of motion sickness (kinetosis) during automated driving
  • Planning, execution and evaluation of test person studies on driver-vehicle-environment-interaction (communication between road users, driver-vehicle communication, communication between automated vehicles and pedestrians, intention mediation etc.)
  • Concept studies for driver assistance and automation functions
  • Safeguarding driver assistance functions and driving automation
  • Real-time simulation, audibility and evaluation of acoustic vehicle, component and environmental properties under realistic audiovisual conditions


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