Radar Simulation for Time-Dynamic Traffic Scenarios

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Automotive radar sensors are an essential component of existing driver assistance systems and play an important role for the future of autonomous driving. The reliable function of such radar sensors can be investigated with the help of hardware-in-the-loop or software-in-the-loop tests based on simulated data.

In order to determine the characteristics of radar signatures generated by road users, traffic scenarios must be modeled and analyzed electromagnetically. For this purpose, researchers at Fraunhofer FHR are developing the EM simulation software GOPOSim. This software makes it possible to simulate time-dynamic traffic scenarios electro-dynamically. In order to achieve efficient modeling and short simulation times, CAD models of the road users positioned in the corresponding traffic scene are loaded and transferred to a suitable scattering center model during runtime. In this way, GOPOSim computes the radar signatures of the traffic scenarios in a time-discrete manner, taking into account the physical properties.

Visualisierung einer Verkehrsszene als Range/Doppler-Map
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Visualization of a traffic scene as Range/Doppler map


  • Time-dynamic radar target simulations
  • Monostatic RCS Simulations
  • Bistatic RCS Simulations
  • Multipath propagation
  • Real-time simulation
  • Import of CAD models
  • Import of antenna diagrams
  • Modular design / expandable
EM-Simulation dynamischer Verkehrsszenarien
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EM-Simulation dynamischer Verkehrsszenarien.

Further information

ATRIUM® [Fraunhofer FHR (German)]
Radar target simulator for the E-band, which enables comprehensive control of the functionality of next-generation automotive radar sensors and - in contrast to conventional radar target simulators - can fully simulate critical traffic scenarios.