Occupant Monitoring, HMI, Human Factors & Usability Engineering, Vital Parameters, Car to Human

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We research and develop interfaces for human-machine interaction, comfort functions and entertainment in vehicles. Our goal is to improve the operation and user experience in vehicles and to make driving safer and more enjoyable. We work for the automotive industry and with other partners to develop innovative solutions that meet user requirements and expectations. Our research focuses on a wide range of topics, including automated driving, connectivity, infotainment, personalized AI assistance and climate control. We are also investigating how new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning can impact the human-machine interface. Our experienced research team uses cutting-edge technologies and methods to improve vehicle usability and safety. We conduct both qualitative and quantitative studies to better understand driver behavior and needs and develop new concepts.


  • Human factors and usability engineering
  • User experience research
  • Infotainment and entertainment
  • Intuitive, multimodal operating concepts
  • Personalized AI assistance with context and user knowledge
  • Driver & occupant monitoring
  • Interior monitoring (visual, acoustic, physiological)
  • Vehicle climate, thermal comfort
  • Air quality improvement
  • Flow simulation
  • Vehicle acoustics, psychoacoustics and sound design
  • Development, testing and application of acoustic components


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