Showcase Event for The Hearing Car® in Hamburg

Fraunhofer IDMT / Oldenburg / March 08, 2023

© Fraunhofer IDMT / Anika Bödecker

The car of the future must be able to hear, for example, the siren of an approaching emergency vehicle. That is why the experts at Fraunhofer IDMT in Oldenburg are working on The Hearing Car®. From 7 to 9 March, they will present their latest developments for smart acoustic sensor technology on and in vehicles on their stand and in live demonstrations with their own test vehicle at the DAGA 2023 trade exhibition in Hamburg. They will also showcase solutions for personalised sound in the car as well as a monitoring system to document the engaging of plug connections during production.

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New optical coating system prevents fogging and unwanted reflections

Fraunhofer IOF / Jena / January 23, 2023

© Fraunhofer IOF

Optics that do not fog up and almost do not reflect - this will be possible in the future due to a new optical coating system developed by researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF. The technology is expected to help improve the performance of lidar systems and cameras in, for example, autonomous driving cars. The research team has now presented the new process in a paper published in the journal "Applied Optics".

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Greater safety through better communication at sea

Fraunhofer IDMT / Oldenburg / November 23, 2022


Many accidents at sea are due to errors in communication between seafarers. An automatic voice monitoring system for the ship’s bridge will ensure greater safety. With the speech recognition system and support from Fraunhofer IDMT in Oldenburg, Germany, ELNAV, a start-up company based in Split, Croatia, is developing what it calls a »Helm Order Monitor«.

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The city as a digital twin

Fraunhofer IPM / Freiburg / November 22, 2022

© Fraunhofer IPM

Constructing or planning complex urban environments requires a solid data basis. But the available planning data is often obsolete and incomplete. This is why Fraunhofer IPM and GmbH have joined forces to develop a process for creating a digital twin of urban environments quickly and with deep granularity. The idea behind the MuSiS research project is that measurement systems installed on taxis, busses and streetcars record their environment while the vehicles drive along their usual route, constantly collecting up-to-date data.

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Automotive Audio: Audio Objects as Platform Technology in Vehicles

Fraunhofer IDMT / Ilmenau / November 22, 2022


Researchers at Fraunhofer IDMT have developed a 3D audio technology based on audio objects which, as a central audio platform in the vehicle, allows the creation of interactive and immersive audio content and thus creates completely new application scenarios for the use of audio in vehicles. In the technical article for audioXpress magazine, our acoustics expert Christoph Sladeczek describes a new workflow that enables the rendering of audio objects in serial vehicles on resource-limited hardware.

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Intuitive sound personalisation in vehicles

Fraunhofer IDMT / Oldenburg / July 07, 2022

© Mercedes-Benz Group

Everyone hears differently – this applies inside a vehicle too. That is why Fraunhofer IDMT in Oldenburg has developed a technological concept for fast and individual sound adaptation, which has been integrated into the multimedia system of vehicles from the Mercedes-Benz Group AG. At the heart of the development is an algorithm that easily adjusts the sound of music according to passengers’ wishes. Once set, the sound is optimally adapted to listening preferences.

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More security in electronic vehicle systems

Fraunhofer IPMS / Dresden / June 21, 2022

© Fraunhofer IPMS

Modern vehicles have a large number of electronic systems that are networked with each other. Since these systems are at risk from cyber attacks, Fraunhofer IPMS developed a CANsec IP core that makes vehicle systems more secure. The IP core is already being evaluated in a demonstration by partner Renesas Electronics Corporation, a leading semiconductor company that delivers embedded processors together with analog and power products. At the Embedded World trade show from June 21-23, both Fraunhofer IPMS and Renesas will present the CAN-SEC IP-Core for the first time.

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