Networks & Cooperation

Strong collaborations play an important role in advancing scientific innovations and generating dialog and ideas outside the Fraunhofer Transport Alliance. With strategic partnerships in thematic networks as well as membership in renowned organizations and committees, the Fraunhofer Transport Alliance advances new developments and creates the conditions for cross-thematic research in complex value-added networks.


The »European Conference of Transport Research Institutes« (ECTRI) was founded in 2003 and is among the most influential European transport associations. Twentyeight leading national research organizations and tertiary institutions from nineteen European countries are currently members. A total of more than 4.000 employees from the ECTRI member organizations are involved in transport research in regional, national, European and international programs.

ECTRI’s primary focus is surface transport in all its manifestations. This is reflected in the involvement of ECTRI members in European Union research initiatives on roads, railways and shipping, including aspects such as energy, environment, economics, safety and intelligent communication systems.


The goal of the international non-profit organization »Connected Cooperative & Automated Mobility« CCAM Association, founded in 2021, is to create a user-centric and integrative mobility system that increases road safety while reducing congestion and environmental impact. Cooperation at the European level among more than 180 innovation actors active in the field of connected, collaborative and automated mobility can remove barriers and promote the acceptance and efficient deployment of automation technologies and services.


The »Towards Zero Emission Road Transport« (2Zero) partnership aims to accelerate the transition to zero emission road mobility across Europe. It promotes and facilitates pre-competitive road mobility research and innovation within the European Research Area. By identifying the research needs to achieve the goals set out in European transport, energy and environmental policies, the 2Zero partnership is helping to chart the path to a carbon-neutral European road transport system, will help accelerate the necessary transition, and is perfectly in line with the Green Deal.

EU Waterborne Technology Platform

WATERBORNE has been set up as an industry-oriented Technology Platform to establish a continuous dialogue between all waterborne stakeholders, such as classification societies, shipbuilders, shipowners, maritime equipment manufacturers, infrastructure and service providers, universities or research institutes, and with the EU Institutions, including Member States.

Strategic Objectives

  • Establish a continuous dialogue between all stakeholders in the waterborne transport sector and in other waterborne-related sectors on R&D;
  • Contribute to the widest possible consensus regarding R&D and to focusing of efforts and resources;
  • Develop a common medium- and long-term R&D Vision and a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA);
  • Contribute to the appropriate mobilisation and allocation of the necessary financial resources (private/regional/national/EU sources);
  • Contribute to the social expectations regarding clean, competitive and safe waterborne transport as well as regarding other waterborne-related activities, including education and training.