Data Protection and Security

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Ensuring security and data protection goals such as confidentiality, integrity/authenticity, anonymity or pseudonymity, unobservability, etc. also and especially plays an important role in the handling of audio and video data inside and outside vehicles - whether in the processing and recognition of speech in the vehicle, person recognition, training and use of AI-based acoustic event recognition, or in the secure transmission and media data and associated metadata. By using IT security standards, cryptography and so-called privacy enhancing technologies (anonymization, differential privacy, homomorphic encryption), these goals can be realized.


  • Elicitation of relevant privacy and data security requirements
  • Research, selection, development / customization and integration of privacy and data security procedures, e.g.: 
    • Data anonymization and pseudonymization 
    • Differential privacy 
    • Homomorphic encryption 
    • Federated learning 
    • Digital signatures 
    • Encryption
  • Evaluation of privacy and data security solutions.
  • Data sovereignty and privacy solutions


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