InteractiveAudio Platform for the Vehicle of the Future

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New vehicle concepts in the automotive industry focus on the experience of the interior. This development is being driven by current megatrends, such as autonomous driving. While the car takes control of what happens on the road, there is more time for work, entertainment or relaxation. At the same time, the person driving must be able to take over the driving task again at any time in critical situations. As a result, the demands on comfort and safety are increasing, and the interaction between man and vehicle is becoming more and more important. Whereas visual communication has been the focus of developments to date, the use of acoustic interaction offers new possibilities for designing a comfortable, safe and intuitive driving experience.

With SpatialSound Wave, Fraunhofer offers a 3D audio technology that encompasses solutions for entertainment, driving experience, driving safety, communication and human-machine interaction. As the central audio platform in the vehicle, SpatialSound Wave also enables holistic sound management in the vehicle and thus offers a uniform platform for controlling all systems and components with audio functions installed in the vehicle - completely without pre-production.


  • Platform technology for the holistic creation of immersive and interactive audio content for intuitive human-machine communication between driver and vehicle.
  • Conceptualization, planning, implementation and validation of interactive HMI use cases for automotive audio embedded hardware.


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