Driver Assistance Systems

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Driver assistance systems support the driver in driving the vehicle and can make a fundamental contribution to increasing safety, thus reducing the number and consequences of accidents, improving the driver's performance and increasing driving comfort. Powerful sensor systems suitable for vehicle use are being developed for »machine-based understanding« of driving situations. In order to test new driver assistance systems and concepts with regard to their usability and acceptance as well as the potential effects on road safety and driving comfort, empirical investigations are carried out in the driving simulator and in real traffic.


  • Software development for sensor, image and video data processing in vehicles, especially for lane and obstacle detection
  • Development of vehicle and driver-adapted safety and warning functions (e.g. for tracking, collision avoidance)
  • Development of driver assistance systems for two-wheelers
  • Equipping vehicles with sensors, especially cameras, radars and evaluation technology
  • Development of specialized 24-GHz and 77-GHz radar sensors for driver assistance solutions
  • Rapid Prototyping and simulation of assistance functions and MMI concepts
  • Driving tests in simulators as well as with vehicles on test tracks and in real traffic
  • Development of methods and tools for the evaluation of driver assistance systems
  • Creation of simulation models for routes, vehicles, display and operating elements
  • Ergonomic studies of display, operating and interaction concepts
  • Design and simulation of infrastructure concepts (e.g. intersection design)
  • Metrological recording and generation of realistic scenarios (e.g. in OpenDrive or OpenScenario format) with the VMC® Road and Scene Generator for virtual testing and validation of ADAS & AD functions


Further information

ADAS & ME - Adaptive ADAS to support incapacitated drivers Mitigate Effectively risks through tailor made HMI under automation [project page]
EU project with participation of Fraunhofer IAO to develop a comprehensive assistance and information system for drivers

InCarIn - IntelligentCarInterieur [Fraunhofer IOSB]
BMBF project with participation of Fraunhofer IAO and Fraunhofer IOSB for adaptive and context-sensitive adaptation of interaction technology and assistance systems in vehicles (e.g. for the most natural and useful design of human-machine interaction in the vehicle interior between the occupants and the car)

Vorreiter [project page (German)]
BMBF project with participation of Fraunhofer IAO for semi-automated vehicle control with steering gestures (like the rider the horse)

Real environmental data in real time for simulations [Fraunhofer ITWM]

VMC® Simulation [Fraunhofer ITWM]
Component of the VMC® concept; simulations of vehicle behavior in any region or market

3D holographic HUDs [Fraunhofer IPMS]