Adaptive Systems, System Identification

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Reliable models are required for the dynamic processes under consideration, both in multi-body simulation in the development cycle of a new vehicle and in the design of efficient control strategies for adaptive vehicle components or for predicting the crash behavior of new materials. If sufficient information-containing measurement data of the considered dynamic process is available, a data-based model description can be derived by means of System Identification methods.


  • Prognosis of stress-strain curves or Wöhler curves of e.g. magnesium die-cast components
  • Prognosis of the crash behavior of composite materials
  • Prognosis of casting defects
  • Identification of hysteresis models for rubber bearing modeling
  • Derivation of load collectives using simulations
  • Methods for automated model comparison with real measurement data


Further information

Efficient drive signal generation through inverse modeling [Fraunhofer LBF (German)]