Simulation of Mechanical & Mechatronic Systems

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The increasing complexity of the developed systems and the number of variants require simulation-based evaluation and optimization at system level more than ever before.

The Fraunhofer Gesellschaft covers the entire spectrum of simulation methods and, in addition, develops methods and procedures to constantly expand their application possibilities. An essential focus is the combination of different simulation techniques in connection with the simulation of complex complete systems.


  • Simulation of the dynamic behavior of complex systems (e.g. vehicles, test systems)
  • Multi-body simulation (MBS) with flexible bodies and control systems
  • Computation of section forces and fatigue
  • Simulation of misuse (dynamic transient FEM)
  • Development of methods and modeling in the MBS environment (rubber bearings, virtual test rigs / road)
  • Function optimization with regard to physical properties (dynamics, vibration behavior, durability)
  • Investigations into the robustness and reliability of systems