Validation and Verification

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Modern vehicles integrate increasingly complex functions, which are made possible by the integration of electronic and information technology systems. This often results in completely new failure and error/fault phenomena. At the same time, industrial and private users are placing ever higher demands on the reliability and safety of products. This results in a very high effort for validation and verification (V & V) during development until market launch, which is in contrast to a fast and economic development. Solutions can be offered by virtual testing, distributed testing, X-in-the-loop approaches, where numerical and experimental methods and procedures are combined to ensure safety, reliability and durability of the vehicles. Especially for autonomous driving functions, existing approaches need to be reconsidered and scenario-based methods need to be introduced to enable efficient validation and verification of hardware and software.

Further information can also be found in our "Simulation" competence area.

Test Methods

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Checking and Testing


Analysis and Demonstration of Reliability and Durability


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