Test Methods

Material Testing


absorption measurement

insulation measurement

dynamic stiffness

modulus of elasticity, loss factor


etching processes

gas chromatography mass spectroscopy (analysis of VOC and SVOC)

material analysis / determination of plastics (VDA 275, VDA 278 and derived manufacturer standards)


abrasion test

density determination

micro hardness

water absorption


flash point/spontaneous ignition

mold testing/mold resistance (testing the microbial resistance of materials in mold test benches, e.g. DIN EN 15457 and 15458 and ATSM standard)

heat storage

Component Testing




determination of the absorption properties by means of alpha cabin of components

noise emission with stone impact excitation

acoustic investigation and noise optimization of vehicle components and the entire vehicle

electroacustic Electroacoustic functional testing of loudspeakers, amplifiers and controllers

emission tests (e.g. ISO 12219 series and derived manufacturer standards)

evaporative emission testing in SHED chambers (especially fuel-bearing components)

efficiency of HC-lowering materials (e.g. activated carbon)

filter test bench (e.g. efficiency of cabin air filters)


incident light microscopy (examination of superficial damage and contamination - also microbial)

CT analysis

thickness measurement


side frame sealing

bend test

fatigue strength

topcoat adhesion

puncture test

dynamic mechanical analysis


determination of pull-out forces

dye penetrant testing

tight fit test


hardness test according to Brinell

hardness test according to Shore

hardness test according to Vickers

maximum tensile strength of unpressed materials

contact point analysis and investigation of material pairings

friction coefficient analysis of screws and o-rings

impact strength

stone impact strength

stone impact resistance top layer

thermocycel test (climate chamber)

tensile strength

tensile test


burning behavior

DSC analysis

caloric data

coefficient of linear expansion

length extension test

optical 3D measurement of crash tests (up to 55,000 data sets per second)
3D measurement in production or of parts

coating of parts made of metallic materials with organic materials; requirements and testing

all test methods related to semiconductors and power sets

thermal gravimetric analysis

System Check


complete vehicle inspections on the acoustic all-wheel roller test bench

simulated pass-by measurements

elctroacustic Electro-acoustic testing of entertainment system, infotainment system and system control as well as system tuning

climate change test

condensation water contact climate test


engine test bench (exhaust emission tests)

evaporation emission from drive systems

emission measurements in SHED chambers (DIN ISO 12219-4 and derived manufacturer standards)

complete vehicle test bench for indoor air quality (e.g. effect of contaminated ambient air on indoor air quality, DIN ISO 12219-1)


acceptance studies (acceptance studies in early phases and car clinics)

odor test (VDA 270 and derived manufacturer standards)

usability tests and user experience of human-machine interfaces (proband-based usability and user experience testing with test batteries)


engine wash

cleaning test


ergonomic evaluation (criterion-based ergonomic expert evaluation)

driving simulator studies (test person-based testing of driver assistance systems and systems for automated driving, entertainment, communication and mobile work in a safe driving context with regard to safety and comfort)

engine test bench (endurance test, load in driving cycles)



IR measurement