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Welcome to the Internet presence of Fraunhofer Rail. Here you can get information about services the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft offers in the rail sector.

Rail traffic should be quick, safe, reliable, environmentally compatible and service the public. On the other hand Railway companies must operate economically. These -often contradictory- requirements have to be combined.

The Fraunhofer Transport Alliance Rail is an association of Fraunhofer Institutes, which help organisations like railway operators, rolling stock manufacturers and logistic service providers to meet this challenge.

Fraunhofer Rail concentrates specific know-how, experience and research capacity of eight individual Fraunhofer-institutes.

The spectrum of the research subjects covers traffic and network planning, route pricing, optimizing the production process of vehicles, improving the passenger‘s comfort and selecting suitable materials. Further activities include developing of measuring instruments, and concepts for monitoring of infrastructure, rail cars and freights. Additional areas of work comprise reducing noise and pollutant emissions, satellite-supported pedestrian‘s navigation and „Mobile Ticketing“.

Fraunhofer Rail has proved its competence in successful projects for the European Union, the Federal Environment Agency, the Deutsche Bahn and many other international organizations and companies.

Fraunhofer Rail is an initiative of the Fraunhofer Transport Alliance which bundles the competences of the Fraunhofer institutes operating in rail technology and facilitates finding of contact persons.

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