Technical Qualification in Electro Mobility

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Electro Mobility is a central key to the sustainable transformation of mobility, as it is climate- and environmentally friendly, resource-saving and efficient. The electric mobility system does not only include the electric vehicle yet, but many other components. In addition, well-trained specialists are another key factor for the successful introduction of Electro Mobility in order to drive innovation and ensure the high quality of vehicles. These specialists must be enabled not only to electrify the drive system of a motor vehicle, but also to rethink the vehicle concept, taking the entire vehicle life cycle into account. Therefore, electric Mobility poses new challenges, which are not covered by the traditional training and qualification offers. The further training courses, which are offered by Fraunhofer specialists, respond to this challenge in the training of new skilled workers and the timely development of the necessary skills:


  • Basic seminar on Electro Mobility
  • Expert person electric mobility, 2 days with TÜV certificate
  • Electro Mobility certificate course
  • Various specialist seminars on topics such as
    • Electric drives
    • Infrastructure and networks
    • Battery ageing and next generation batteries
    • Lightweight construction


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