Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM

Director: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Busse

Contact: Dr. Gerald Rausch

The Institute's devision Shaping and Functional Materials at the locations Bremen, Dresden and Oldenburg concentrates on tailor-made material solutions with optimized manufacturing processes and procedures.

The spectrum of research and development work ranges from materials and shaping to the functionalisation of components and systems. We develop customer-specific solutions, which are in demand by industries as diverse as the automotive industry, medical technology, aerospace, mechanical and plant engineering, environmental and energy technology and the electronics industry. A holistic concept with three pillars is being pursued on the subject of electromobility. The areas of energy storage and electrical drive technology, as well as testing, evaluating and optimising the overall system are the focus of the work. The basis for new vehicle and traffic concepts will be laid in the Bremen/Oldenburg electromobility model region.

In the field of Shaping, the focus is on developments for the economical and resource-saving production of increasingly complex precision components. The most modern powder and casting processes are used to increase the functional density in components. In addition to the design of components and the simulation of forming processes, our range of services also includes the implementation of production technology and the associated training of company personnel.

In the field of Functional Materials, the focus is on developments to improve or extend material properties and the processing of materials. The functional materials can be integrated directly into the component during the manufacturing process or applied to surfaces. They give the component additional or completely new properties, such as electronic or sensory functions.

The specific properties of cellular materials, hybrid materials, fiber composites and biomaterials are also used to realize a wide variety of applications.