Vehicle Concepts

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Systemic solutions for the transformation of our mobility systems require and enable entirely new vehicle concepts and designs. On the one hand, new mobility concepts require a greater variety of vehicles ranging from micro-vehicles to modular vehicle concepts optimized for the intended use. On the other hand, car pooling or car sharing approaches, for example, can change the mileage or automated driving can change the dimensioning operating loads. In addition, multiple use for joint passenger and freight transport, expansion to the third dimension (e.g., air cabs) and end-to-end transport solutions across multiple transport modes are being discussed, which will have an impact on the optimal design of vehicle concepts and construction methods. The Transport Alliance offers the best conditions to systematically investigate the influence of new mobility concepts on vehicle concepts and construction methods and to develop optimized solutions for climate-neutral mobility systems.


  • Development of innovative vehicle concepts for passenger and freight transport from micro vehicles to automated modules and drones.
  • Function-integrated lightweight construction
  • Construction methods for high modularity
  • Design for 9R / circularity of vehicle structures
  • New approaches to passive and active safety
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Simulation methods and environments for accelerated product development


Further information

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