Planning & Optimization of Transports

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The reliable supply and disposal of the automotive industry requires reliable logistics. In the course of the global orientation of production and sales markets, many transport systems for procurement and vehicle distribution are combined in order to achieve synergies for cost reduction in production and logistics by bundling quantities. The challenges in this network competition are mastering cross-company processes, product complexity and the increasing number of variants. With increasing complexity, the supply reliability of the participating companies must be guaranteed across the entire network while at the same time minimizing inventories and transport costs.


  • Demand and capacity management
  • Optimization of transport networks (distribution, procurement)
  • Reduction of logistics costs
  • Optimum number and location of logistics locations and transport stages
  • Improvement of the delivery service
  • Synergies through bundling of transport volumes
  • Efficient handling techniques
  • Use of multimodal transports
  • Reduction of empty runs
  • Cross-Border optimization
  • Analysis of tariff systems
  • Key figure concepts
  • Market screening and validation of Transport Management Software (TMS) software functions certified by Fraunhofer
  • Tender and implementation support, qualification


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