IC Engine

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The challenge of sustainably and significantly reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in all sectors of the economy - especially in transport - within a short timeframe requires an approach that is open to all technologies. Our R&D activities address technical solutions to increase efficiency throughout the powertrain, for both mobile and stationary applications, and consequently to reduce GHG emissions across all energy sectors. Due to high gravimetric and volumetric energy densities of conventional and, in the future, CO2-neutral synthetic fuels (PtX, BtX), combustion engines will continue to play an important source of propulsion in global transportation and individual traffic in the coming years. The combustion engine is being researched and developed both as a sole drive unit and in combination with an electric motor (hybrids). As an independent research institution, we pursue the goal of GHG-neutral mobility in the context of sector coupling and are correspondingly broadly positioned in energy topics.


  • Powertrain design and evaluation on system level (e.g. vehicle)
    • Overall powertrain simulation/vehicle simulation
    • Thermal management, operating strategies
    • Energy balancing: tank-to-wheel analysis (road and laboratory), incl. data logging
    • Life cycle assessment (LCA) of vehicles, powertrain systems
    • Real Driving Emissions (RDE)
  • Concept development and testing on component level (e.g. combustion engine)
    • Combustion process development (performance & emissions)
    • Combustion process based on synthetic fuels PtX/BtX, from concept to demonstrator
    • Residual heat recovery and exhaust gas aftertreatment
    • d) Materials and manufacturing processes, evaluation and application of performant construction materials
    • Thermal and mechanical analysis
  • Grid stabilization/ ensuring efficient grids with the help of combined heat and power (CHP) plants
  • Processes for the production of "synthetic fuels" of the latest generation from currently available raw and residual material sources (BtX, PtX processes)